2018 Barcelona Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Barcelona Interenational Film Festival Winners and Official Finalists.

El Rey Awards

Grand Jury Prize Narrative Film:    Funny Story directed by Michael Gallagher
Grand Jury Prize Documentary: Six Musicians and the City directed by Tatiana Daniliyants
Special Jury Prize Narrative Film: Mr. Goody directed by Jason MacDonald
Special Jury Prize Documentary: Film School Africa   directed by Nathan Pfaff 
Special Jury Prize Screenplay: Shine Your Eyes written by Clint Pearson
El Rey Award for El Espíritu de España:En Algun Lugar directed by Tadeo Garcia
El Rey Award for Excellence in Cinematography: Into a Dark Mind directed by Harley Wallen
El Rey Award for Excellence in Film Direction: West Of Sunshine directed by Jason Raftopolous
El Rey Award for Excellence in Film Editing: Blue Skies on Mars directed by Brian Lutes
El Rey Award for Excellence in Documentary Narrative Filmmaking: Carpathian Karma - The Story of Joshka directed by Mario Damolin
El Rey Award for Excellence in Documentary Short Filmmaking: Shanghai directed by Barbara Wielebska
El Rey Award for Excellence in Dramatic Narrative: The Way Home directed by Federico Olivetti
El Rey Award for Excellence in Experimental Filmmaking: Demitint directed by Yao Zhang
El Rey Award for Excellence in Short Filmmaking: Growers directed by Sierra Tillman
El Rey Award for Excellence in Music Video Production:Rebekka & Fox - LIGHT ft. Jesse Markin directed by Pavel Andonov
El Rey Award for Excellence in TV Commercial Production: Pivot of Turingsence directed by Phenix Jiangfu Miao
El Ray Award for Excellence in TV Filmmaking: Treading Yesterday directed by Craig Bettendorf
El Rey Award for Excellence in Student Filmmaking: Laughing Branches directed by Missy Malek
El Rey Award for Excellence in Animation: Huerta de San Vicente (The Orchard of St. Vincent) directed by Patricia Vonne
El Rey Award for Excellence in Narrative Feature filmmaking: SNAPSHOTS directed by Melanie Mayron
El Rey Award for Excellence in Viral Video Filmmaking: Played directed by Jay Ferguson
El Rey Award for Excellence in Narrative Short Filmmaking: Dolores directed by Guilherme Fernandes

The Gold Lion Awards

Oil Capital Underground: The Genesis and Evolution of Punk Rock in Tulsa-Late 70's to Mid 90's directed by Bryan Crain
I REMEMBER FRIDA (Hommage to Frida Kahlo) directed by Alberto Nacci
Jimmy directed by Jason Balas 
Ghost Beats directed by Brent Bars
Spettacolo directed by Jeff Malmberg, Chris Shellen
The World Is Mine directed by Ann Oren
Phenoms directed by Pascui Rivas
Studio Harmattan directed by Stefanos Pavlakis
City of my heart directed by Kostas Petsas
Shadow directed by Zeina Alqahwaji

The Castell Awards

A Dog's Life directed by CHANG Yi
In Exile: a Family Film directed by Juan Francisco Urrusti
Chamber Music Wonderland directed by Emanuel Altenburger
Vibrations directed by Geraint Rhys
Escape from Troy directed by Peter Dzogaba
Sunflower sutra directed by Ayla spaans
The Reverse Diaries directed by Shin Sonoda
The Walking Red Balloon directed by Zheng Laizhi
Crazy hive directed by She Wei
Unnatural directed by Amy Wang

Official Finalists

Halo Top "Eat The Ice Cream" directed by Mike Diva
Leftovers directed by Yael Arad Zafrir
Mind Game directed by Weisi Dai
Famous Little Girls directed by Luciana Caplan, Sophano Van
Final Polish directed by Paul Kelly
ABERNE directed by Em Jonhson
Cafe Hernandez directed by Andrew Bennett
The Surface of Things directed by Nancy Biniadaki
Waking David directed by Kevin Nash
Living My Illusion directed by Elliot Manarin

Screenplay Competition

Grand Jury Prize: Kindred written by Kate Young
Special Jury Prize: Nine Bullets in Paris written by Hugh Burns
1st Place: Nothing written by Chris Bryans
2nd Place: The Knot written by Ashish Pant
3rd Place:White Picket Fence written by Djordje Calic, Kyle Ostrander


Grand Jury Prize: Selah Selam written by M.V. Montgomery

1st Place: Town Hero written by Joy Lin

2nd Place: Suicide 101 written by Randy Zuniga

3rd Place: Cherry Glazed written by Christine Sherwood


Grand Jury Prize: The Middle - The Fancy Party written by Julia Antuerpem
Special Jury Prize: Web Tethered written by David Garrett


Grand Jury Prize:Perfect Contrition written by James Palmer

Special Jury Prize: Marco's fight written by Joan Margalef España

1st Place: On the Verge written by Rita Martinos

2nd Place: Don written by Alberto Battistutti 
3rd Place:Girl Out of Time written by Jay J. Falconer

Official Finalists

VIVA!! written by Renee Rubio
The Five Rings written by Joseph Ferrante
CONNECT written by John Pisano-Thomsen
ERR written by Rahul Kumar Srivastava
CENSORED written by Ann Weed
Kings written by Christian O'Connor
CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES written by Serge Adam
Where do the Clouds go? Written by Serge Ioan Celebidachi, James Olivier

Honorable Mentions

Mass Graves written by Guillermo Ramírez
The End of Feast written by Attila Toth
A POLAR BEAR written by Salar Fallahian
The Garden written by Clark Childers
Sound of the Somme written by Alexander Menu, Thomas Besançon
Things That Fall written by Sayem "Sy" Huq
Jona & Manuel written by Ambra Cirafisi
Bombay Deathtrap written by B.L.Ray aka Jesse Kitten
ESTHER written by Sam H Froelich
Sociopath written by Jacqueline Marett

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