2014 Barcelona Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 Barcelona Interenational Film Festival Winners and Official Finalists.

El Rey Awards

Grand Jury Prize Narrative Film: The Seventh Lie directed by James Hung                                                   
Grand Jury Prize Documentary: Ensoulment directed by Loris Simon 
Special Jury Prize Narrative Film: It Was You Charlie directed by Emmanuel Shirinian
Special Jury Prize Documentary: Killing Time directed by Jaap van Hoewijk                                       
Special Jury Prize Screenplay: Deadly Invisible Enemies Miniseries directed by Harold Brown

El Rey Award for Excellence in Cinematography: Little Black Fish directed by Azra Deniz Okyay
El Rey Award for Excellence in Film Direction: That You Had Never Called directed by Kenneth Marken
El Rey Award for Excellence in Film Editing: I Sell Love directed by Kevin Chu
El Rey Award for Excellence in Documentary Narrative Filmmaking: Daughters of Dolma directed by Adam Miklos               
El Rey Award for Excellence in Documentary Short Filmmaking: Pie Lady of Pie Town directed by Jane Rosemont
El Rey Award for Excellence in Dramatic Narrative: The Frontier directed by Jeff DeCola
El Rey Award for Excellence in Experimental Filmmaking: Untitled, 2013 directed by Anna Valdez Hanks

El Rey Award for Excellence in Short Filmmaking: Dear Nita directed by Alban Zogjani
El Rey Award for Excellence in Science Fiction: Barren directed by Gregor Levy
El Rey Award for Excellence in Music Video Production: Moving Out directed Elizabeth Mitchell
El Rey Award for Excellence in Student Filmmaking: Hanine directed by Mansour Zebian
El Rey Award for Excellence in Animation: Monkey Rag directed by Joanna Davidovich
El Rey Award for Excellence in Acting in a Lead Role: Ronnie Quizon, Rekorder directed by Mikhail Red
El Rey Award for Excellence in Acting in a Supporting Role: Victoria Blakenship Escape from Garden Grove directed by Mathilde Dratwa
El Rey Award for Excellence in Narrative Short Filmmaking: True Love Waits directed by Jon Ornoy
El Rey Award for Excellence in Narrative Screenwriting: Danny Boy written by Rick Mole  

The Gold Lion Awards

When The Orange Tree Awakens directed by Martin Petrucci
Reflections of Maya Rose directed by Alexandra Wedenig
Um Sonho Severino (Severino's Dreams) directed by Danilo Baracho
The Exhibition directed by Youssef Nassar
Diego directed by Sara Seligman
Smashed Out directed by Dimitrios Nakos
Let's Play Ghost directed by Damien Dematra
Flawed directed by Daniel De Menezes
3:13 directed by David Jaure
Seven Lucky Gods directed by Jamil Dehlavi

The Castell Awards 

Papaya Make Some Noise! directed by Goran Vlajic
JFK: A President Betrayed directed by Darin Nellis
A2-B-C directed by Ian Thomas Ash
Prinsesa directed by Drew Stephens
Contraplano directed by Daniel Sequeira Barjas
Pacing the Cage directed by Eric Hughes
Echoes of Time directed by Ema Kugler
Big Boy directed by Eric Pellerin
beautiful now directed by Erin Channing
Simple Being directed by Marco Ferrari

Official Finalists

Roulette directed by Randall Turner
Sayang Disayang "My beloved dearest" directed by Sanif Olek
Marginal Paradise directed by Revo Kej
Una Vida: A Fable of Music and The Mind directed by Richie Adams
Scratch directed by Riccardo Brex
Yesterdays directed by Rita Sonal Panjatan
Pechorin directed by Roman Khrushch
Atail directed by Lisa Ranby
Vetrarmorgun directed by Sakaris Stora
Fish Heads directed by Salvatore Castellana 

Screenplay Competition 

Grand Jury Prize: "Things With Eyes" written by Timo Semik
Special Jury Prize: "Snowdrop" written by Riccardo Giullari

1st Place: "Mauro Cha da Fare" written by Alessandro Marinaro

2nd Place: "Reuben The Hood" written by Ash Corristine

3rd Place: "Ludwig" written by Katie Stippec, Michael Ramey, and Matt Weiss

4th Place: "Daddy's Girl" written by Christina Bebeau

5th Place: "The House in the Woods" written by Giorgio Pirazzini

Official Finalists

"The Pendulum" written by Ana Ilen and Valentin Kachev
"The Blue Vase" written by Kenneth Kern
"Covenant of Crows 1: Cathari" written by Sherilyn Moss
"Wickham" written by Nikolai Galitzine
"Crossman 760" written by Joseph Gabriele
"Fumus et Umbra" written by Christina Katsiadakis
"Things With Eyes" written by Itamar Sade
"Butterfly Summer" written by Ameerah Sanders
"Grace" written by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffery Russel
"Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow" written by Harold Brown

Honorable Mentions 

"Kind Regards from Robby" written by Peter Leder
"The End of the World As We Know It" written by Carlos Wiggen
"La Tierra Que Yo Amo (Land That I Love)" written by Jonathan LaPoma and Natalia Porras Sivolobova
"The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy" written by Robert Cole
"For Melissa" written by Carles Sanchez
"Encounters" written by Agelita Tsougou
"Orbits and Myths" written by Christopher Moore
"Nagasaki" written by Sonja Rajkovich
"Paper Birds" written by Monika Mazur
"Little America" written by Kenneth Marken


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