Month: February 2021

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If you are looking for a place to go to unwind from a hard day of pest control, then you have found it in Northern Beaches! Situated in Southern California, this area is filled with entertainment and beautiful scenery. Northern Beaches has a wide range of activities available to tourists and residents alike, including the famous Orange County Fair and the Winter Gardens Shopping Center. Located on Pacific Coast Highway, the Winter Gardens Shopping Center needs an exterminator  and is one of the best-known rodent hot spots in the world, providing visitors with hundreds of different stores and restaurants.

An exterminator by trade, Robert “Bob” Ezell has been a fixture on the Orange County media for decades, traveling all across the county and making television news wherever he went. Recently, Bob was asked to interview for a segment on the Travel Channel’s “College Road”. The resulting show, premiering on October 8th, will feature Bob as he relates his experiences pest control and how he became an expert in the field. In the interview, Bob talks about how he got started in his career, what it’s like being an exterminator, and how he transforms himself when he takes his dog Pepper, a golden Retriever, out on the town. To help readers better understand what it takes to be an exterminator, here are some tidbits about Bob Ezell’s life and work that will give residents of Orange County a much better idea of what to expect when they decide to vacation in Northern Beaches!

Bob starts his day at his office in the morning, where he promptly checks his email and then gets on the bus to head out to his next appointment. He ends his day spending time with his dog Pepper, who enjoys walking alongside him on the beach. “It’s great,” says Bob, “when we go out on the beach, there are all these beautiful people around.” Tourists can expect to see a lot more of Bob and Pepper as season 2 of his “Pest Control” TV Show makes its way to an early start on Spike TV.

How to Properly Handle Rodent Removal in Memphis

A professional rodent control company is very useful in the case of rodents within the residential or commercial property. They provide advice on what measures need to be taken and also advice on the best solutions that will guarantee that you do not have to deal with these troublesome pests any longer. For this reason, many people opt to call a professional service so that they can get rid of these rodents once and for all. When calling in a professional service, there are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that your call is handled efficiently by someone who knows what they are doing.

The first tip to use when calling in a professional rodent control company is to ensure that they respond immediately to your call. If the representative on the other end of the line does not seem ready or eager to take your call, it may be a good idea to move on and try another one. A lot of people have experienced having their calls answered by someone who did not want to take the time to talk to them before hanging up on them. In addition to speaking to the person on the other end of the line, you will want to also speak to one of the technicians on hand. The technician is going to be able to give you information on how your particular rodent removal needs to be handled in order to ensure that your home or business is rodent free.

The second tip to use is to ask the pest control company what methods they use for rodent control. This is important because some methods may prove more effective than others when dealing with rodents. For this reason, it will be in your best interest to ask the rodent removal service if they will be applying any harmful chemicals to your home or business as some people have had experience with such chemicals. Companies also carry out treatments for rodents that are known to have infested homes in an attempt to keep them rodent free permanently. As you can see, you should always ask for information on any treatment options before making any kind of decision on how to deal with the situation.